Discover the Secrets of Thassos #1

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Let's discover Thassos Island. Best beaches, top places to visit in Thassos. Let's explore the most family friendy Thassos island in Greece.

How to get to Thassos?


Don’t worry about this. The distance from Keramoti Port to Thassos (Limenas) is only 8 nautical miles, approximately 30 – 40 minutes with ferry. Thassos Island is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, opposite from Kavala city and sits very close to the coasts of the Greek mainland. This is a reason, that Thassos has one of the most interesting histories from ancient years.


limenas - old port

Thassos Town (Limenas)

So, you don’t need to worry about timeline of ferries, about the hour and general how to reach to Thassos.

Oh, it is easy and fast!!

Let’s start with first sight. Limenas is a town structured, with a strong element of tradition. My first memory, from Limenas when I was kid, was the visit to the amusement park, which you can find even today at the location of the lighthouse, before the traditional old port of Limenas.

Fortunately, the usual choice of bicycle by the permanent residents of the capital of Thassos contributed to the current - family friendly structure of the town for pedestrians as you can easily explore the streets full of history and memories. Today, the pedestrian streets of the cosmopolitan town of Thassos are buzzing with life. The shops, the traditional taverns, the cafes, the bars, the picturesque old port are a priority for the visitor but of course for the locals of the island.

Ancient Theater - Limenas


Do not forget to visit the Ancient Theater of Thassos, where even today theatrical performances and concerts are organized. Especially in the period of August tickets are sold out!! The view from the location of the Ancient Theater is unique, so prepare the camera. Remember, the steps to reach there are enough but the beauty of the landscape deserves the try!!

Travel Tips - Limenas

** Watch out for the time to catch the sunset**

Let’s visit the most popular location in Thassos Island!!

Just 12 km from Limenas (almost 15 – 20 min), we reach the most popular destination at Golden Beach and Skala Potamias in Thassos.

Where to stay in Thassos?

  • Golden Beach and Skala Potamias, you will give you the answer!!

A magical location as it combines the wild beauty of the highest mountain in Thassos, Ypsarion Mountain (1206 meters) and the largest beach (3.5 km) of the island of Chrysi Ammoudia - Chrysi Akti.

Ypsarion Mountain

Ypsarion Mountain, gained the reputation from nature and hikers lovers as it is a pole of attraction such as hiking and climbing. If you are a fan, don’t think in anymore and prepare the climbing equipment!! The experience is unique!! Explore the forest, stones with water, tree of all kinds, fresh air. The intense vegetation creates the indescribable beauty of the green of the trees in combination with the blue of the sky and the sea.


Golden Beach – Skala Potamias

Going down from mountain of Ypsarion, we reach the beach of Golden Beach - Skala Potamia and the first thought is one. Being kid again and playing in the sand!! The feeling of the golden sand of the beach will not let you forget the child inside you.

Nowadays, it is worth to say that this family friendly area has developed as one of the tourist centers of Thassos, you can find hotels, rooms to let, taverns and shops. Two villages, Skala Potamias and Golden Beach in Thassos, nearby areas with many options, since all these years it is the first choice of long-term visitors!!!

Travel Tips – Golden Beach / Skala Potamias

**Many choices for accommodations, facilities, attractions**

** The most famous beach of Golden Beach provides you the opportunity to try water sports activities**

** Easy access to the entire length 3.5km of the beach**

Kinira Beach

Village of Kinira, has an ideal beach for young and old guests due to the shallow and calm sea. Beach has small stones outside and sand in the sea.  Note from locals. The locals of the island are used to saying, for the coastal village of Kinira that it is the "sanctuary of Thassos”. It’s a small village which generously gives you peace and quietness. The taverns, the meze of fish, the local “tsipouro” and the smell of salt of the sea are unreservedly the best summer combination.

Travel Tips - Kinira

** On the way to village of Kinira Thassos from Skala Potamia, there are many places to make a stop to see the view and to take photos**

** Those that prefer a quiet and not busy beach, village of Kinira is the right destination**

Just after Kinira Beach and only 10 kilometers from Skala Potamias, we meet one of the most famous and exotic beach in Thassos, Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach

Although Paradise beach is a small, it has a large beach bar with sun-beds and umbrellas but if you prefer to set your own umbrella, the chair or the towel thrown in the sand then don't forget to visit and enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters of Paradise Beach!!!

Travel Tips – Paradise Beach

** Remember, to follow the second entrance from the main road to the Paradise Beach that leads to the right side of the beach. The road is better and more compatible**

**There is a parking area down to the beach, but you can park also to the main road**

** Do not forget Volley ball and rackets because in Paradise Beach is the most suitable beach to playing**

Let’s go almost 9km south and reach to the historical place to Thassos, Alyki Beach or Alykes.


Alykes Beach, is divided into two small beaches. On the first side, is the popular and easy to visit open archaeological space that has been saved until today as it is also a reason to explore the area. This point has been recognized as the first quarry of Thassos as the first extraction (from 7th century) of the famous white marble took place there. There you can see the famous white marble of Thassos. It’s a very interesting experience.

aliki 2

This spot, therefore, has become famous because of the many photographic points as the combination of white marble and blue of the sea creates a harmonious result. So, prepare the camera!!

On the other side of the Alyki Beach, is the organized small beach with golden sand and stones inside and outside the coast. The difference with the previous beaches is that Alyki beach is very popular for deep and cool waters!!! For the most part, Alyki is full of sun-beds and umbrellas as after coffee or a beer you will definitely visit one of the restaurants – taverns of Alyki beach.

Travel Tips - Alyki Beach

** Do not forget to read the comments and the reviews before choosing the tavern**

** The sea in Alyki Beach deepens sharply, so needs a little more attention to our little heroes**

We have reached almost the southernmost point of the island, in the area of Astris, where is the most famous beach of Thassos, Giola. “A natural pool of the North Aegean”, you will see on internet. "The tear of Aphrodite" locals said. A place with unique beauty!!


In the next article, we will travel together further north but I will discover everything to you I know about Giola!! How to go to Giola? And so many - many travel tips about Thassos Island.

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