Best Instagrammable Places in Thassos

Best Instagrammable Places in Thassos

Best Instagrammable Places in Thassos

Thassos, is an island of magical combination of blue and green. Unique beaches and mountain charm in equal measure. Prepare your Instagram feed because you have to choose which will be your favorite place.

Giola - Spath
Photo Credits: @spathumpa


Let’s start the list of the best Thassos Instagram spots with the most famous place the Giola Lagoon. A natural rock pool on the south coast of Thassos offering the experience of swimming and diving.

The Aphrodite's eye, as locals says of Giola, except that is one of the best spots for drone is also one of the most famous place in Thassos and in northern Greece.

The best hour to visit Giola is in early morning or late afternoon especially July and August. So, prepare your backpack with sunscreen, trainers, hat, water and discover the nature miracle as called Giola Lagoon.

Giola- CerenucarkenPhoto Credits: @cerenucarken

How to get there: Near to the Astris village you will meet signs to Giola. Firstly, you will find a big parking space for your car. Then you will follow the path to Giola that is full of signs and approximately in 15 minutes just arrive.

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traveldiaryelenaPhoto Credits: @traveldiaryelena

Marble Beach

Sitting in the northeast corner of the island, Marble beach is the one of the most popular places to visit in Thassos. I guess you’ve already seen hundreds of photos of this location, with the blue exotic waters, the green pines and the tiny marble stones

Furthermore, Marble beach is one most famous destination for sailing boats.

If you are looking for that postcard perfect view with green pines and the deep blue waters, that’s the place you need to visit.

How to get there: Follow the road sign for Makryammos beach and when you arrive at the Makryammos gate, continue to the right, on a dusty road for another 4 kilometers.

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marinovvladislavPhoto Credits: @marinovvladislav

Porto Vathy Beach

Located only a few minutes from Marble Beach, Porto Vathy Beach is also one of the most well-known Instagram spots in Thassos.

Porto Vathy Beach is a small but well-organized beach with a big beach bar.

It’s practically the same place with the same view with Marble beach and it’s always full of people.

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Monastery Archangel Michael

The Monastery Archangel Michael is undoubtedly one of the most Instagrammable places in Thassos as you can capture the amazing view from the top.

The monastery is located in the unique location, on a cliff above the sea surface with a view of the Aegean Sea and Athos - Agion Oros. This place combines the beauty with the history and totally deserves to visit it.

Need to know: Working hours of monastery is every day from 08am-14:30pm and 16:00pm-19:30pm.

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La-Scala-Beach-Bar-NightPhoto Credits: @lascalabeach

La Scala Beach

At the northern side of Thassos and just only 3 km from Limenas there is the famous sandy beach of the famous and big beach bar, La Scala.

You can visit La Scala practically anytime as you can eat, drink and just enjoy the relaxation. Limenas town is just less of 10 minutes.

La Scala Beach offers an exotic feeling of boho and chic on the small bay, so it definitely deserves a place on the list of the best Thassos Instagram spots.

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