Hiking in Thassos

HIKING IN THASSOS The countless hike paths of Thassos, are addressed to a wide of hiking audience as they can be visited by both experienced climbers and beginners with the appropriate equipment. Hiking in Thassos, means forests, running waters from rocks and endless natural beauty. Photo Credits: @ufoczki_martin POTAMIA – IPSARION MOUNTAIN The most famous […]

Best Family Beaches in Thassos

FAMILY VACATIONS – THASSOS WITH KIDS Which beaches are the best for children in Thassos? Which places are the best for families for your stay? Thassos is the most suitable island for family vacations with young children. The best place for families with children is Skala Potamias – Golden Beach. It is located on the […]

Best Restaurants & Taverns in Thassos

BEST RESTAURANTS IN THASSOS Where to eat in Thassos? Here are the best restaurants and taverns in Thassos. Good food and local recipes in Thassos are a priority during guest’s vacation. WONDER WHERE TO EAT IN THASSOS? Most of Thassos taverns are actually greek traditional restaurants and they are located in the popular villages and […]

Marble Beach Thassos

Let’s go to Marble Beach! Marble Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thassos. Visitors have classified it as the most exotic beach of the island. Photo Credits: @marc0_p0l0_travel How to get to Marble Beach? Marble Beach or Saliara, in greek, it is located in the northeastern part of Thassos, just 5 km […]

Scuba Diving in Thassos

SCUBA DIVING IN THASSOS Thassos, is famous for diving beaches and places. Βest dive places and beaches with clear waters, plenty to see and great visibility. Photo credits: gorgona-divers Nowadays, scuba diving is a priority in the activities of the tourists of Thassos as it is a unique experience that most visitors want to live. […]

Top 6 Beaches – South Thassos

EXPLORE SOUTH THASSOS Let’s continue the journey going southwest of Thassos. Lets’s explore the most famous place and beach in Thassos, Giola. Photo credits: @spathumpa How to reach Giola? “The natural pool of the North Aegean” you may have already seen written on the internet. I am feeling lucky to have visited this place several […]

Discover the Secrets of Thassos #1

THASSOS ISLAND Let’s discover Thassos Island. Best beaches, top places to visit in Thassos. Let’s explore the most family friendy Thassos island in Greece. How to get to Thassos? Don’t worry about this. The distance from Keramoti Port to Thassos (Limenas) is only 8 nautical miles, approximately 30 – 40 minutes with ferry. Thassos Island […]

Welcome to our Blog

We welcome you to Porto Thassos, our elegant accommodation on Thassos island! Our hotel is located in Skala Potamias, one of the most renowned villages of Thassos, just under 14 kilometers from the port. In Porto Thassos, you can sit back and enjoy your holidays, while we provide you with an authentic experience of Greek […]