Winter in Thassos

Winter in Thassos

Ever wondered how winter looks like in Greece and in especially in Thassos?  Let's make a list together if you have in your plans to visit Thassos in winter!


First of all the weather. Islanders’ routine depends on the weather. Greek words that I learned from my father, were “notiades” and “voriades”.

Notias, is the south wind which is coming from Africa and several times during the year brings the sand and dust from African deserts. Also, notiades causing the increase temperature especially in the morning hours but intensify the humidity in the evening hours.

On the other side, voriades are the winds that come from the western hemisphere, bringing low temperatures and cause rough seas in the north of the island, and often traffic of ferries may be affected.

What to do in winter in Thassos:

limenas - old port
1. Visit Limenas and Alyki Beach

The capital of Thassos, Limenas, is a great choice to explore the archaeological sites scattered around the capital. And the best thing: the weather is the suitable to explore the beauties of the town without the summer heat.  Also, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Thassos and don’t let the chance to dive deeper into history of Thassos. Don't miss to explore the open - archaeological site in Aliki beach. The view in the Aegean sea during the light hike route is unique.

2.  Hiking

As you can see in the previous article in our blog, Thassos island is one of the best island of hiking. As the greenery “coming” from olive and especially from pine trees, there is no one time of the year without leaves, grass, or flowers. Definitely, hiking is the best activity to discover the natural beauty of Thassos is and to climb to most famous mountain Ipsarion.


3. Olive Harvesting Period

Almost, every local owns a few plots of land with olive trees and during November is the month to collect the olives. So, if you are wondering how the whole olive oil process takes place, don't hesitate to ask a local, and for sure you will learn.


4. Discover sleepy villages and the most famous beaches

Thassos is full of these villages call for a day of exploration, beautiful views and incredible landscapes. Make sure to include Panagia, Kazaviti, and Kastro (Limenaria region), on your list of places to visit. The view from Kastro is unique.

about thassos porto thassos palataki

Thassos beaches in winter are totally different like their summer time. You can enjoy the raw beauty and wilderness of them. And sunny days are more than you may think when you hear of winter. Lay your towel, and let the Greek sun do its magic.

Giola - Spath@spathumpa

5. Giola in winter

The most known place of Thassos, the natural pool of Giola, is waiting for you. Although the water may be too cold for a jump, your Instagram and social media will thank you for the photos you will shoot there. If you are photography lover do not hesitate to visit Giola.

Although the island is mainly a summer destination, there are many things you can do in Thassos during winter.