Easter in Thassos Greece

Easter in Thassos

Visit Thassos in Easter

Easter in Thassos, generally, is known as one of the biggest celebration, with a lot of traditions. Orthodox Christian churches in Thassos, commemorates the miraculous news of Christ’s resurrection at the end of the seven-week fasting period. One of the best time in Thassos is the time around Easter. It is because of the beautiful weather, holiday atmosphere and the arrival of the first tourists.


Holy Tuesday

One of most sweet Easter’s custom, that takes place in Tuesday is baking Easter cookies and “tsoureki” (traditional sweet bread).

Holy Thursday

Other very important tradition, is on Holy Thursday people dye red eggs that symbolize Christ’s blood and the rebirth of life.

Good Friday

Church bells ring mournfully all day and food is very simple as this is the most important fasting day of the Holy Week. During the day, the faithful visit the church and kneel before the Epitaph. In the evening a funeral service is held and the Epitaph is carried on the shoulders of the faithful in a procession through the community, followed by people holding candles.

Holy Saturday  - Easter Sunday in Thassos

The real feast begins on Easter Sunday, the day of the Resurrection. At midnight, the Thassos churches fill up with families waiting for the “Holy Flame”. The service starts at 23:00 and people start to gather at their local churches. The flame is passed from hand to hand, everyone’s candle is lit and they celebrate the resurrection as one. The sacred flame must be brought home before and then it is placed in a special. Then, back home, it’s time for the delicious Greek Easter dishes Thassians prepared during the day. The main dish on this day is “magiritsa”, a soup made from the offal of a lamb.

On Sunday, the tables are full of meaty delicacies: spit-roasted lamb and goat.

Also, in Panagia village, there is a tradition, where doll of Judas, he is hung up in the yard of the church and burnt. Greek Wines, tsipouro, and other drinks flow freely, and preparations for the meal turn into festive celebrations even before the eating begins.


Apart from the Easter customs you can enjoy many activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and even swimming if the weather permits.

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