Best things to do with kids in Thassos

Best things to do with kids in Thassos

Is Thassos good for kids? Which places and beaches are best for families with kids?

Your Stay

The best places for a family to stay in Thassos is Skala Potamia and Golden Beach. Golden Beach is the most family friendly beach in Thassos. The sand is very soft and suitable for playing, ideal and safe for children as they can play and splashing in the water.
Τhe distance of the beach from one side to the other side is about 3.5 km. Almost, it is entire length is organized with sun - beds and umbrellas, as there are many beach bars, restaurants and tavernas.


i) Water Sports

Whether your preference is a leisurely pedal boat ride or something more adventurous like parascending or jet skiing, the beach of Golden Beach cater to various water sports enthusiasts.

At Golden Beach, you will find activities awaits—pedalos, canoes, wind surfing, banana rides, ringos, fly fishing, and an assortment of inflatables including sofas, among others. For extra adrenaline you can enjoy, jet skis, parascending, and flyboarding. To explore the stunning hidden small beaches at your own pace, consider renting a motorboat for up to 4 - 6 people for a full day.

ii) Horse Riding

In Skala Potamia on Golden Beach, horse riding is the new experience that you do not have to miss it. Guided rides in golden beach is the best activity and you will remember it forever. Envision a ride along the shoreline, capturing the breathtaking scenery of a stunning sunset or sunrise—a truly memorable experience suitable for the entire family!

iii)  Fun Train – Games in the center of Skala Potamia

The embarking for the fun train is from the old port in Skala Potamia, outside from 'Tarsanas' building in the edge of the beach. Moving onward, the itinerary leads to the edge of Golden Beach and coming back again to the old port of Skala Potamia. The route is very a good idea as kids enjoy it a lot.

Also, you can find in the center of Skala Potamia, opposite from the taxi station something like an amusement park with a lot of games for kids.

iv) Snorkeling  - Scuba Diving

While snorkeling is one of the best activity in Golden Beach as well, diving will give you the unique experience to explore underwater marine life. Golden Beach is an excellent place for diving since the underwater terrain here is different from other beaches in Thassos.


i) The Archeological Museum of Thassos

Located next to the ancient agora, the museum hosts a treasury of archaeological wonders. A hidden gem waiting to be discovered, it offers a captivating glimpse into life over 2000 years ago. A fascinating array of exhibits awaits, showcasing sculptures, pottery, and architectural remnants spanning from the Neolithic era to the Roman period on Thassos. Immerse yourself in the rich history and tangible remnants of ancient life that await within this extraordinary collection.

ii) The Olive Oil Museum in Panagia

For over four generations, this family-owned olive oil factory has been a cornerstone of heritage and tradition. Established in 1915, the original press operated using water power, harnessing the energy of three mountain streams channeled through the mill's waterwheels. Delve into the historical process of olive oil production, tracing the methods predating the island's access to electricity. The mill serves as an immersive educational site, adorned with captivating old photographs and offering visitors an insightful journey through each stage of oil production, from harvesting the olives to the meticulous bottling process."

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