Top 5 Villages in Thassos

Top 5 Villages in Thassos

Discover Thassos Villages

Over time, Thassos has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Each of its numerous villages in Thassos adds a fresh and unique experience for visitors. Some villages are renowned for their picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green landscapes, while others stand out for the variety of activities they provide, such as cycling, hiking, walking. Additionally, several villages in Thassos boast significant historical importance.

Among the most well-known villages in Thassos are Panagia, Potamia, and Theologos. However, there are numerous other hidden places in Thassos island worth exploring if you have the opportunity to include them in your trip. Continue reading to discover details about each of these villages, the unique offerings they provide, and the best ways to reach them.


Panagia village is located in the east side of Thassos. Hidden in the verdant mountains, Panagia village is a place of tranquility, inviting visitors to experience the authentic beauty and culture of the island. The village square is a focal point, surrounded by cafes and traditional tavernas where you can eat the famous “katsiki”.

Panagia village is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. Hiking trails lead to stunning views of the island and the Aegean Sea. Also, don't forget to visit the Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum.

Potamia is a charming village in east Thassos. With its traditional architecture and idyllic surroundings, Potamia offers a delightful retreat for those seeking an immersive experience in the heart of the island.

Potamia village is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Ipsarion and right before the beautiful stretch of sand called Golden Beach. Potamia is a must visit place in Thassos for nature lovers. Hiking trails to Ipsarion mountain from the village lead to panoramic views of the island. Though a traditional village, Skala Potamia has modern hotels, tavernas and other facilities which make it a great short visit from Limenas (Thassos town), which is only an approximate 20-minute drive away.


Theologos village is located 52 km south of Thassos Town and you can go from Potos village. Theologos is one of the oldest villages in Thassos and that's why village is full of magnificent houses and mansions.

Theologos is famous for broached goat, and its excellent taverns with live greek music. Also, do not miss to visit the famous Kefalogourna waterfall and if you are strong enough to swim to the coldest waters in Thassos.

Though Kastro village, was abandoned for many years, recent renovations breathe new life into the historic Kastro. Fortunately, modern roads keep Kastro well-connected with the rest of the island. In Kastro, you can visit the old church built from stones from the castle that gave the town its name.

Maries is a small village in Thassos and you can easily reach Maries after visiting Theologos.
Maries is surrounded by natural beauty, making it a great destination for nature lovers. Hiking or exploring nearby trails till the lake of Maries that is the most famous sight.