6 Top Beaches in south Thassos

Top 6 Beaches – South Thassos


Let's continue the journey going southwest of Thassos. Lets's explore the most famous place and beach in Thassos, Giola.

Giola - Spath

Photo credits: @spathumpa

How to reach Giola?

"The natural pool of the North Aegean" you may have already seen written on the internet. I am feeling lucky to have visited this place several times due to the fact that it is only 30 minutes away from Skala Potamias where I am living in Thassos!!!

The access to the famous Giola is easy and fast. So park your vehicle in the new parking area that has been created the last years and without a second thought you will follow the path to Giola. Going down the path, the view of Giola is dazzling. Immediately I forgot the "fatigue" of the route. I felt the need to be able to explain this miracle of nature.


Photo credits: @spathumpa

Wonder about the shape of Giola?

I wondered how this “natural pool” could have been created, in the sea of the rocks about 8 meters, which are a stepping stone for those who were thirsty for adrenaline.

Giola, is known to the locals as "the tear of Aphrodite" according to mythology.

Travel Tips

**Avoid flip flops. The path to Giola requires regular shoes for more safety**

**June and September are best for a relaxing one day's trip to Giola**

**Remember that you will not find sun-beds and umbrellas in Giola, as the place is very rocky**

Following the road to Potos, after Giola we are meeting extremely "quiet" beach Salonikios.

Jurnalul Alinutei - salonikios

Photo credits: @jurnalul.alinutei

Salonikios Beach

A different beach from Giola, as it is not widely known from the tourists of the island due to the distance from the main road. Seeing the sign with the arrow pointing to the left and about three kilometers dirt road (accessible to any type of vehicle) we reach the small and usually non busy beach Salonikios.

A magical location, where you can easily compare with Paradise beach!! The green pines that almost "come out" through the sea. Maybe that's why I liked Salonikios Beach so much, it reminds me the Paradise beach of the island. I highly recommend it to you!!

giorgos.zondi - salonikios

Photo credits: @giorgos.zondi

Salonikios is a small beach in length, on the contrary for the most part is organized with sun-beds and you can comfortably enjoy swimming and playing in its golden-red sand. Information from locals: "The red sand is due to in this specific area during the period 1914-1918, the first mining of copper and iron took place."

Thassos has history from past years!! Everything has an explanation.

In addition, the beach of Salonikios, has become famous because of the rocks that exist on the right and left, attracting diving enthusiasts.

Travel Tips

**Do not forget the mask for exploration**

**The beach is suitable for children**

We continue our trip to the southern part of Thassos and reach the “famous fishing spot” as locals says, the Astris Beach or area of Astrida.

Astris Beach

Astris beach with crystal clear and blue-green waters gives the visitor the absolute calm and relaxation he seeks during his vacation. The rich vegetation of olive trees and pines are within “breathing distance” of the sea.

In front of Astris beach, there is an island that called “Panagia”, which is visible from Giola too and is the daily "appointment" of fishermen in the area and Thassos. Note from locals. A permanent resident of the village of Astris said to me that, "On the shores of Panagia Island it is a breeding ground for many fishes".

Photo credits: @greeka

Travel Tips

**The beach is sandy and there are sun - beds and umbrellas on one side**

**Friendly beach for all ages**

**The nearest village Potos, is just 5 km from the beach**

Close to Astris Beach we are meeting the widely known Psili Ammos beach.

iconomidis_alexandros - psili ammos

Photo credits: @iconomidis_alexandros

Psili Ammos

Want to dance and to live the experience of the Greek summer party?

Stay tuned to Psili Ammos – Beach Bar!!

Psili Ammos Beach, where is less than 5 km from Potos, is on the list of all visitors and especially young people. From her name it is understood that the beach is rich in sand outside and inside the sea. Therefore Psili Ammos is ideal for our little heroes too!!

A relatively small but wide beach, you will find a large beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas. Due to the easy access but also the large parking space available at Psili Ammos beach has a leading role in the south of Thassos.

psili ammos 2

Photo credits: @greeka

Travel Tips

**Psili Ammos in the most part does not have sun-beds and umbrellas**

**The enchanting contrast of the green of the pines with the blue of the sea creates the most harmonious result in the photographic lens**

**The beach bar "Psili Ammos" is famous for the frantic and frequent summer parties**

We are leaving from Psili Ammos and immediately we reached the beach of Rosogremos.

nikana - rosogkremos

Photo credits: @nikana

Rosogremos Beach

Between Psili Ammos and Potos we find the beach Rosogremos. A well-known beach for southern destinations but even today is not a priority for the visitor and to be realistic, it impresses me.

Rosogremos, therefore, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the landscape!!!

I am trying to visit this beach quite often because it is my "sanctuary". Away from the other crowded beaches, Rosogremos gives you exactly what you want on a summer day, the absolute feeling of calmness.

rosogremos 2

Photo credits: @nikana

The shallow and crystal clear waters in combination with the summer breeze help you to enjoy your swim on the quiet beach of Rosogremos. In addition, the area of Rosogremos became particularly famous because even today there is the house of the well-known and award-winning Greek writer Vassilis Vasilikos, who his origin is from the village of Theologos in Thassos.

Travel Tips

**Organized with sun-beds, sandy beach**

**If you visit the beach by boat, the point of exploration is the rocks and the caves at the edge of Rosogremos**

**The sea is calm during the summer due to its location**

Less than 1 km from Rosogremos, we are meeting the beach of San Antonio or the seaside village of Potos.


Photo credits: @graurecatalin

San Antonio Beach

The beach of San Antonio is essentially an extension of the beach of Potos. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations of southern Thassos as it is ideal for families and young people. The options in the taverns and beach bars are many.

The beach is fully organized with sun-beds and umbrellas, sandy with shallow waters along its entire length. Remember, to watch the time to catch the amazing sunset and why not with a coctail!!


Photo credits: @sanantoniobeach

Travel Tips

**If you are water sports fan then you are in the right place**

**Easy access to the beach**