Waterfalls in Thassos - Kefalogourna Theologos

Waterfalls in Thassos

KEFALOGOURNA WATERFALL Thassos is known for beautiful beaches with exotic turquoise waters but it is also known for the beauty of the mountain and the waterfalls. Get ready for a refreshing cold swim in the traditional village of Theologos! Photo Credits: @visit_thassos The village of Theologos has always been in the list of must visit […]

Hiking in Thassos

HIKING IN THASSOS The countless hike paths of Thassos, are addressed to a wide of hiking audience as they can be visited by both experienced climbers and beginners with the appropriate equipment. Hiking in Thassos, means forests, running waters from rocks and endless natural beauty. Photo Credits: @ufoczki_martin POTAMIA – IPSARION MOUNTAIN The most famous […]