Digital Nomads | Work Remotely From Thassos

Digital Nomads | Work Remotely From Thassos

Thassos – Your Remote Work Paradise How about a quick dip in the Mediterranean before lunch break? In today’s world of remote work and digital nomad lifestyle, Thassos is the perfect place that blends work and leisure is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. Porto Thassos Apartments & Studios welcomes you to switch your work […]

Top 5 Villages in Thassos

Discover Thassos Villages Over time, Thassos has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Each of its numerous villages in Thassos adds a fresh and unique experience for visitors. Some villages are renowned for their picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green landscapes, while others stand out for the variety of activities they provide, such […]

Best things to do with kids in Thassos

Is Thassos good for kids? Which places and beaches are best for families with kids? Your Stay The best places for a family to stay in Thassos is Skala Potamia and Golden Beach. Golden Beach is the most family friendly beach in Thassos. The sand is very soft and suitable for playing, ideal and safe for children as they […]

Easter in Thassos

Visit Thassos in Easter Easter in Thassos, generally, is known as one of the biggest celebration, with a lot of traditions. Orthodox Christian churches in Thassos, commemorates the miraculous news of Christ’s resurrection at the end of the seven-week fasting period. One of the best time in Thassos is the time around Easter. It is […]

Best Sunset places in Thassos

Sunset in Thassos Thassos offers several great spots to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. Here are some of the best sunset places in Thassos. 1. Atspas Beach – Skala Maries Atspas Beach is located on the eastern coast of Thassos, 6km from Limenaria. When you are entering in village Skala Maries, you’ll see down on the left small […]

Giola Lagoon | 5 things to know before your visit

Giola | Natural Pool of Thassos Giola is a natural pool in Thassos. It is located between Astris and Aliki beach in south of Thassos. Let’s explore the most famous place Giola Lagoon in Thassos island! @spathumpa 1. How to get to Giola in Thassos? The access to Giola is very easy. There is a […]

Where to stay in Thassos – Best place for Families

Which places and beaches are best for families with children? Where to stay in Thassos? The most common questions that guests have when they are coming to Thassos. Undeniably, the best places for families in Thassos are Skala Potamia and Golden Beach. First of all, the waters of Golden beach and Skala Potamia are very […]

Best Instagrammable Places in Thassos

Best Instagrammable Places in Thassos Thassos, is an island of magical combination of blue and green. Unique beaches and mountain charm in equal measure. Prepare your Instagram feed because you have to choose which will be your favorite place. Photo Credits: @spathumpa Giola Let’s start the list of the best Thassos Instagram spots with the […]

Best Restaurants & Taverns in Thassos

BEST RESTAURANTS IN THASSOS Where to eat in Thassos? Here are the best restaurants and taverns in Thassos. Good food and local recipes in Thassos are a priority during guest’s vacation. WONDER WHERE TO EAT IN THASSOS? Most of Thassos taverns are actually greek traditional restaurants and they are located in the popular villages and […]

Top 6 Beaches – South Thassos

EXPLORE SOUTH THASSOS Let’s continue the journey going southwest of Thassos. Lets’s explore the most famous place and beach in Thassos, Giola. Photo credits: @spathumpa How to reach Giola? “The natural pool of the North Aegean” you may have already seen written on the internet. I am feeling lucky to have visited this place several […]